Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Wilders film not shown to anti-terror body

Anti-Islam MP Geert Wilders is refusing to allow the Dutch anti-terrorism coordinator to see his controversial anti-Koran film in advance, reports Tuesday’s Telegraaf.

Tjibbe Joustra, who is responsible for Wilders’ security, wants to see the film so that he can decide what steps he needs to take to protect the leader of the anti-immigration party, the paper says. But Wilders does not agree with the conditions under which he wants to see the film, according to the Telegraaf.


Meanwhile Tuesday’s Volkskrant reports that Wilders is consciously refusing to debate his anti-Islamic views with Muslims and has regularly rejected invitations from a variety of organisations to participate in discussions both on TV and elsewhere.

One of the groups that have invited Wilders to debate is what the paper calls the ‘connecting generation’ of eight young Dutch-Moroccan professionals who want to break the ‘negative spiral’ of the current debate on Islam in the Netherlands.

Others include the multicultural students’ organisation SUN whose secretary Harun Yildirim tells the Volkskrant that Wilders just ‘says things in the media and then just turns off his phone so that he gets away with it time after time’.

And Jihad Alariachi, one of the presenters of the tv discussion programme Meiden van Halal (Halal Girls) tells the paper: ‘I understand that he [Wilders] is scared that voters will walk away if we confront him with arguments, but for someone who has no problem with labelling others as cowards, it’s cowardly.’

In reply to the Volkskrant’s question as to why he would not debate issues with Muslims, Wilders sent a text message to the paper saying that he would not do so until after his film is screened.

One can only hope that Wilders is well versed on the qur'an & islam overall because both Dutch dhimmis & their moslem overlords will try to shred Wilders to pieces and show that he is only against islam because he is ignorant of its 'peaceful' aspects...

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