Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Cabinet looked at legal ban on Wilders film

The government has taken legal advice about banning Geert Wilders' short anti-Koran film, the Telegraaf reports on Monday, quoting sources close to the cabinet.

The paper says that the government's legal officials told ministers that going to court ‘need not be entirely hopeless’ because of the danger to national security and public order the film could provoke.

Although the cabinet rejected the idea of trying to ban the film during Friday’s ministerial meeting, the idea has not yet been thrown out, sources told the paper.

However, the cabinet is divided on the issue and Labour ministers in particular are totally opposed to a ban, the paper says.


While stopping short of asking Wilders not to release the film, Balkenende said he was seriously worried about the effect it could have on Dutch citizens, soldiers and companies.

'It is our duty to point this out to Mr Wilders. That is why we are publicly speaking out,' Balkenende said after the weekly cabinet meeting.

'We have a duty to make clear to everyone that the methods and thoughts of one MP do not correspond to those of the government.'

Are these the same individuals that have the temerity to show up on Dutch television to announce that ISLAM IS THE RELIGION OF PEACE?!?

Perhaps this will put a period to that hypocrisy, at least by the Dutch, I don't see any way that moslems will see it...

And what will the implications be of the limiting of the 'FREEDOM OF SPEECH'?!?

Will the authorities in all of the dhimmi states of Europe then go on to curtail FREE SPEECH for all of their citizens?!? Ohhh I should clarify that, curtail FREE SPEECH only for the dhimmis, because their moslem overlords will be able to spout off about their jihad all they want...

In other words, limiting FREEDOM OF SPEECH for Geert Wilders will be just short of a 'death blow' to Western civilization...

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