Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Netherlands Sponsored 'Jihad News Agency'

The Netherlands has put 1.2 million euros of taxpayers money in Ma'an, a Palestinian news agency that glorifies terrorism and incites to hatred, according to newspaper De Telegraaf. The Party for Freedom (PVV) is demanding that Development Cooperation Minister Bert Koenders claim the money back.

Press agency Ma'an is according to Israeli organisation Palestinian Media Watch guilty of disseminating the Jihad ideology of Palestinian terrorists. Thus, Ma'an glorifies the terrorist that recently murdered eight Jewish yeshiva students in cold blood with the highest Islamic status of "martyrdom for Allah." The news agency denies Israel's right to exist by characterising the territory of the Jewish state as 'occupied Palestine', De Telegraaf revealed.

The propaganda of hatred only appears in the Arabic reports of the news agency and not in the English versions. The Dutch representative at the Palestinian Authority, Frans Makken, believes the use of terminology glorifying terrorism did not happen "deliberately," the Netherlands' biggest newspaper added.

PVV MP Raymond de Roon is furious and wants Koenders to distance himself from Makken. He is also demanding repayment of the 1.2 million euros to the Dutch state by the news agency.

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