Friday, February 29, 2008


World powers will not prevent us from pursuing our nuclear ambitions

World powers will not prevent Iran from pursuing its nuclear ambitions, the Iranian president warned today.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's comments came as the UN prepared to vote tomorrow on a third round of sanctions against the rogue Islamic Republic.

The Security Council said a new resolution is likely because Iran had refused to halt work which Britain believes is aimed at making nuclear bombs.

However Mr Ahmadinejad today said any such action would be illegal and vowed to resist pressure from the West.

"The Iranian nation will have the final victory in the nuclear arena. No power will be able to obstruct the movement of the Iranian nation," he told a military gathering in the capital, Tehran.

The president said no amount of UN sanctions would deter Iran from what he insists is a peaceful programme designed at mastering technology to make electricity so the Islamic Republic can export more of its oil and gas reserves.

"Let the world know that the Iranian nation will build up Iran despite all the difficulties," he said.

"The Iranian nation has overcome the superpowers and is standing on the victor's podium. All powers are beneath the Iranian nation's feet."

The five permanent council members - the United States, Britain, France, China and Russia - and Germany, which is not on the Security Council, agreed in Berlin on January 22 on a draft text outlining a third round of sanctions against Iran.

The U.S. had hoped for a swift vote on the text but talks have dragged on for over a month.
American and British envoys said it looked as if a vote would go ahead tomorrow.


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