Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Russia warns Iran it may back U.N. sanctions

Russia warned Iran on Wednesday that it would support a new set of United Nations sanctions over its nuclear programme unless Tehran stopped uranium enrichment in the next few days.

The United States, Britain and France are pushing to impose new sanctions on Iran, which they suspect of seeking to acquire a nuclear weapon.

Russia's U.N. envoy Vitaly Churkin said Moscow could back a sanctions resolution the Western powers have drafted and which they are seeking to discuss in the Security Council this week.

"If Iran in the next few days does not stop the enrichment activities of its heavy water project then yes, Russia ... has taken upon itself certain commitments... to support the resolution that has been drafted in the past month," Churkin told reporters via a video link from New York.

"Russia is constantly insisting that the (U.N.) Security Council adopt certain sanctions against Iran," he said.


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