Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Anti-Islam film has Dutch government concerned
Irish Sun

Arab states attending the European Union-Arab League meeting in Malta have lobbied the Dutch government against a highly controversial anti-Islam film about to be released in the Netherlands.

The foreign ministers of Syria, Egypt and Morocco spoke against the film with Dutch State Secretary for Social Affairs and Employment Ahmed Aboutaleb, a Muslim himself, at the ministerial meeting that ended Tuesday.

Dutch far right leader Geert Wilders is behind the 15-minute film 'Fitna', which according to reports denounces the Koran as a fascist book and claims it incites people to murder.

Dutch political leaders are concerned about another flare-up of a cross-cultural conflict, similar to the one that erupted in early 2006 after the Danish publication of cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed.

Aboutaleb, who was stepping in for his country's foreign affairs minister at the conference, told Malta's main newspaper, The Times of Malta, he had broached the matter.

he said: 'My role in this discussion here is to explain to our Arab friends that we have a constitution in which freedom of speech is guaranteed...which means that there is no need, especially, so far, for the government to intervene.'

He stressed that, even though the government was currently unwilling to intervene, the case could still be taken before the courts on the grounds of racial hatred or discrimination.

Aboutaleb insisted that he expected the Muslim communities not to retaliate violently but to fight back using the same weapon of freedom of expression. [Yeah, that will happen when hell freezes over...LOLOL...ISLAM THE RELIGION OF PEACE, YOU BETTER SAY IT YOU DHIMMI OR WE WILL CHOP OFF YOUR HEAD WITH A DULL SCIMITAR...]

Nevertheless, the Dutch government is reported to be preparing against a possible international backlash and has already instructed its embassies worldwide on how to act after the film has been released.

I will link to the film or embed it here as soon as it is released...

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Anti-Islam film has Dutch government concerned

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